Register your email with TVQue app

    Phone number:

  • Enter code shown on your TV on the TVQue app.
  • To unregister your registered device unregister app

  • Email
  • Why email address? TVQue app uses email address to identify your TV mailbox. This enables anyone who knows your email address to send messages to you. In future we might add phone number also to identify the TV mailbox.
  • Registration is not required, If you don't expect others to send photos/videos to your TV. Still, you can use rest of the features of the app.
  • Same email address can be used to register multiple devices (eg:roku/smarthub/web apps) to the same owner.

  • Password
  • If registering email for first time, enter a new password to create a new account.
  • To reset your password click Password reset.
  • Why email? This helps your friends to send you videos/photos directly to your tv mailbox.