WiFi Play

Play photos, videos on your WiFi connected local TV.
Best for playing very large files and personal local files from a PC or Laptop which is connected to same Wifi network.
Your files are not uploaded to any external server(including tvque.com servers).
Direct connection between Browser and the local wifi TV, hence fastest and most private.
No media server or cloud based hosting required, so playing starts quickly.
Browser should be kept switched on for the entire duration.
Tested with Chrome Browsers.

Send to any TV

Send photos, videos to friends and families TV.
Send photos/videos to your parents, grandparents TV for easy viewing.
Content uploaded and stored in the cloud.
Uploaded content auto deleted in a day. To keep files longer refer storage pricing.
Only upload content which you own copyright, pls refer to content guidelines.
Registration only required if you expect others or you to queue content for later viewing.
Best for upload once and playing continuously on TV.

Manage multiple TV's

Play company logo, announcement photos, cafe menu's, videos on common display TV's.
Manage multiple TV's at different locations with same content from the cloud.
Content uploaded and stored in the cloud.
Best for uploading once and playing continuously on TV.
Works with TVQue app on Roku supported devices.
Hide 'TV code' and queue content to managed TV's without 'TV code' .
Free for most use cases, buy permanent storage to store content longer. Check our Pricing.

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